Waitrose is set to become the first UK supermarket retailer to implement a traffic light signposting system for its food from 13 March 2006.

The steps have been taken in line with recommendations from the Food Standards Agency Board to the food industry for front of pack nutritional labelling.

Traffic light signposting will be displayed on labels across its range of Waitrose sandwiches to start with, before appearing on ready meals and pizzas.

Waitrose marketing director Christian Cull said: “As a responsible retailer we want to provide the right signposting to help our customers make informed choices about what to eat.

“Our customer research indicated that shoppers want an honest, transparent form of signposting which allows them to make informed choices – and they want this to be displayed on the front of packs.”

Products will be given either a red, amber or green code according to levels of fats, saturates, salts and sugar per 100g, with colour red indicating highest levels. Waitrose said it is also giving full information on the same key nutrients for the whole product on the front of the pack.