PepsiCo’s UK crisp brand Walkers has managed to retain its Carbon Reduction label after reducing its carbon footprint by 7%.

The reduction, equal to 6g of carbon dioxide emissions per standard bag of crisps and 4,800 tonnes of emissions overall, began in March 2007 when the brand first began displaying the label, designated by the UK’s Carbon Trust.

Salman Amin, president of PepsiCo UK & Ireland said: “We’re delighted that Walkers is the first company to retain the use of the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label, as consumers have told us that they welcome the label and the commitment it represents.

“The 7% reduction is a joint achievement with our suppliers, and Walkers will be building on this achievement as part of PepsiCo UK’s wider commitment to reduce our energy consumption by 20% by 2011.”

Initiatives used by the company to reduce its footprint include reducing gas and electricity consumption using new technology, light-weighting packaging and running delivery trucks on biodiesel.

Walkers said the reduction has saved the company over GBP400,000 (US$571,831) in the past two years.