Sausage maker Wall’s is targeting the UK’s “working man” with its first foray into the market for hot breakfast snacks.
Wall’s will this month launch a breakfast muffin and sausage bap, complete with tomato sauce sachet and an egg, for the growing number of on-the-go consumers. It is also launching a breakfast muffin, which includes sausage, egg and cheese.
Both will be microwaveable and priced at GBP1.99, in order to entice consumers that make up the UK’s GBP80m hot snacking category.
“Predominantly targeted towards the working man, the breakfast range is designed to provide an inspiring, tasty solution that people can eat on the move,” said Wall’s today (7 September).
“We know from our research that two-thirds of people consume breakfast as part of their daily routine, but more and more are struggling to find time to eat at home or prepare their breakfast from scratch,” said Emma Calder, senior brand manager for Wall’s Pastry.
Around 55% of consumers leave home without breakfast on average twice-a-week, according to Wall’s.