Warburtons has announced plans to expand into Europe with product trials.

The UK baker announced yesterday (11 October) that its products are being sold throughout Tesco stores outside of the UK for the first time.

The trials commenced in June and are set to run for an initial period of six months, a spokesperson for Warburtons said.

The items will be introduced to Tesco stores in the Czech Republic first, followed by Slovakia, Hungary and Poland over following months, the spokesperson added.

The products on trial include Warburton’s Toastie 400g loaf, Seeded Batch 400g loaf, Wholemeal 400g loaf, Orange Fruit loaf, Soft Brown 800g loaf, Six Grains & Seeds rolls and English Muffins. The items, which have been taste-tested to meet local consumer needs, are made in Warburtons-owned UK bakeries before being despatched to Tesco stores.

The company said developing into markets such as Central Europe fits in with its “longer term strategy”.

“At this stage, our sights are firmly on our expansion into Europe. It is our vision that one day, we will also be available in many countries, but it’s too soon in plans to talk about where we may expand to next,” the spokesperson said.

Warburtons posted pre-tax profits of GBP26m (US$41m) for the 12 months until 25 June 2010.