New food launches this month have seen an increased number of products designed to enhance wellbeing, according to Productscan food review.

Brach’s Confections has released a new energising snack containing electrolytes, while Bellamy’s Toothiepegs, marketed in Australia, have a stick-like shape help babies while teething.
Brach’s Confections’ Sports Edge Energising Fruit Snacks are recommended for consumption after exercise and contain vitamins B-6, B-12 & C, as well as electrolytes to rehydrate the body. The candy is available in a variety of fruit flavours, including strawberry and grape, and is shaped in different sporting images such as tennis rackets and football helmets.
Bellamy’s Toothiepegs from Bellamy’s Organic Farms consist of rusks shaped into sticks, enabling babies to chew on them whilst teething. The rusks are said to be made without the use of chemicals or genetically modified ingredients, and contain no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours or added sugar
In addition, Indian firm Elmac Agro has launched Elmac Processed Peas, which are presented in a clear glass bottle, and recommended for a variety of dishes.
The cheese aerosol niche market has been expanded with the introduction of the White Cheddar based snack, Cheez It, Productscan found. Launched by Sunshine Biscuits in the US, the product is claimed to be the first white cheddar to feature in an aerosol package, and does not need refrigerating.
Also mentioned in the food review was Gordon’s Fine Foods’ savoury jelly in the UK, and the Yorkshire Hemp Sauce, which is the latest Yorkshire Hemp Limited edible hemp product.