WhiteWave Foods-owned soy milk brand Alpro is introducing an on-pack “trustmark” in the UK to communicate to consumers the soy it uses is sustainably sourced and free from GMOs.

As part of the move, Alpro’s supply chain has been audited by an independent international body, Cert ID Europe, to ensure it complies with the ProTerra Certification standards for sustainability, labour regulations and GM content.

The ProTerra certification logo will appear on Alpro’s packaging in the UK from this month, the company said today (25 June).

Richard Werran from Cert ID Europe emphasised it is the first time a GMO-free certification label has been approved for use in the UK. “Although the labelling of non-GM on pack is already common in some European countries, this is the first time that a non-GM and sustainability ‘trustmark’ has been authorised in the UK, so enabling consumers to make a choice about the kind of products that they buy.”

Alpro UK commercial director John Allaway said: “Alpro believes that to protect our planet the future of food has to be green. Its plant-powered products are naturally better for the planet but, not content to stop there, Alpro is always looking to be more sustainable and eco-friendly, and to lighten the footprint it leaves behind.

“Alpro is convinced that transparent and clear information to the consumer is key and producers need to provide consumers with the freedom to make food choices

The debate surrounding the use of GMOs has drawn increasing attention in the UK, after Environment Secretary Owen Paterson insisted GM was a “safe, proven and beneficial innovation” that the Government and industry had a “duty” to explore