Willowbrook Foods have launched a new branded range of mashed potato products.

The Northern Irish grower and supplier of prepared salads, potato and vegetable products has introduced the Mash Matters range of microwaveable and oven-ready mash products, building on its established pre-packed peeled and chipped potatoes.

The new is low in salt and fat and completely free from all artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

Mash Matters will feature initially five flavours – Traditional Mash, Champ with Spring Onions, Champ with a Mature Cheddar Cheese topping, the Traditional Irish Colcannon dish and a Carrot and Parsnip mix.

In addition, the company also launched a Mash Matters Gourmet range that features some unique flavours including Sweet Potato Mash, Sweet Chilli Mash and an Italian Mash with bacon, peppers and red onion.