Green campaigners at the WWF have hit out at seafood labelling schemes for confusing consumers, who are increasingly looking to buy sustainable fish.

A report carried out by Accenture Development Partnerships claimed some schemes lack the necessary evaluation of fisheries to support “sustainable fishing and healthy oceans”.

“The findings of this assessment reveal serious inadequacies in a number of ecolabels and cast doubt on their overall contribution to effective fisheries management and sustainability,” said Miguel Jorge, director of the WWF International’s Marine Programme.

The report reviewed seven labelling schemes, including Naturland, Friend of the Sea and Krav, but reserved some praise for the programme ran by The Marine Stewardship Council .

The MSC scheme scored 95% “compliance” on issues like how it issues certificates for sustainable seafood and for on-pack information.

However, Jorge said the MSC’s scheme needed improvement. “While the assessment shows the MSC comes out best in class using the most rigorous programme out there, it is not perfect. Improvements are needed across the board to ensure all seafood ecolabels deliver on their promise.”