UK cheese maker Wyke Farms has rebranded its Leskol cheddar brand as part of a GBP400,000 (US$624,000) investment in the brand.

Super Light, the new name for Leskol, better reflects the “unique attributes” of the cheese, Wyke said today (20 September)
The firm has also unveiled a packaging design update for its full range, which features a cow and tree images printed in gloss.

Wyke Farms said the rebranding of Super Light will appeal more to female shoppers, a category which the firm said is now the main target market for the brand.

“More and more shopping decisions are being made by ladies, which has been reflected in our customer focus shift,” a spokesperson for Wyke Farms told just-food. “We are targeting women between the ages of 30-65, the middle aged ABC1 type consumers”.

The firm said the focus will also remain on health, a growing area of consumer focus.

“There is definitely more of a consumer awareness of health and the benefits of calcium and protein,” the spokesperson said. “Consumers are now very aware of what are good and bad fats and we are trying to reflect that in our packaging.”

As for reformulation, the firm said it will continue to follow the same recipes for now, but will “keep looking and see how things develop”.
Wyke Farms will air a television advert for the Super Light on 27 September as part of a national TV and print advertising campaign.