Probiotic yoghurt brand Yakult has launched a GBP5.5m (US$11.1m) advertising campaign in the UK.

The campaign features a 30-second TV ad, entitled ‘Planet You’, which shows a computer-generated “journey” through the digestive system of the human body.

Developed in collaboration with research teams at the University of Reading and St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow, the ad aims to describe how the Lactobacillus casei Shirota bacteria, contained in Yakult, promotes gut health and stronger natural defences.

Yakult marketing director Alan Jelly said: “One of the questions often asked by consumers is ‘How does Yakult work inside me?’ We have always explained this verbally, and now we can demonstrate this visually which is much more compelling for consumers.”

“The rise in television programmes showing a range of fascinating images which may be naked to the human eye, led us to create an advertisement which will help shape consumers thinking further,” Jelly added. “We also believe it will help re-establish Yakult as experts in the probiotics arena, breaking away from the traditional active health drinks advertising route.”

Yakult has a 10% share of the active health market in the UK, and reports year-on-year growth of 5%, against a market decline of 11%.