Yeo Valley has joined forces with OMSCo, the UK’s largest group of organic dairy farmers, to promote the development of Yeo Valley’s organic milk range and ensure sufficient supply of organic milk to meet consumer demand.

According to the latest Nielsen data, Yeo Valley has recently taken the lion’s share of the organic milk sector, which is currently growing at a rate of 200% annually. The partnership is designed to ensure that Yeo Valley has sufficient supplies of organic milk to continue along its growth trajectory while OMSCo’s farmers will be guaranteed a fair price for their milk.

“Organic milk is now one of the fastest growing parts of the dairy business and OMSCo and ourselves are going to focus on building the Yeo Valley milk brand,” explained Ben Cull, Yeo Valley’s MD.

“We believe it’s a move that will be important for everyone. For the trade it means there will be a stronger brand leader, with outstanding access to the milk supply that’s vital to keep the market growing in step with consumer demand. For the farmers it will put a greater focus on the vital part they play in the food chain and give them the assurance that they are going to receive a fair price for their output. For consumers there’s the reassurance of the organic dairy business’s most popular and successful brand,” Cull continued.