Yoghurt maker YOPLAIT has been rapped by the UK’s advertising watchdog for claiming one of its yoghurts could help reduce the risk of broken bones.

The television advert for the firm’s Calin+ yoghurt featured a woman talking about a fall her mother had and how she has now started eating the Yoplait product every day to protect her bones.

“It’s the only yoghurt from Yoplait to bring 100% of the daily need in vitamin D in one single pot. And it’s so good. You should try it too,” a voice-over states. “New Calin+, calcium plus vitamin D for strong bones.”

The ASA, however, ruled that the commercial created an “overall impression that vitamin D in addition to calcium could help reduce the risk of suffering a bone fracture”.

“Consequently, we considered it could be interpreted as making a reduction of disease-risk claim (RDR claim).”

Yoplait was ordered not to show the advert again in its current form.

The company is now showing a revised version of the advert that complies with the ASA ruling.

Brigitte Rousseau, director of nutrition and regulatory affairs for Yoplait said the aim of the ad was to “introduce the subject of bone health which is a major Public Health concern and make consumers aware of the importance of both vitamin D and calcium in the diet”.

She added: “Despite this and approval of the ad by Clearcast, we will comply with the ASA request. We are now back on air with a revised TV ad which provides viewers with adequate information to highlight the importance of both Vitamin D and calcium in their diet for the health maintenance of bones they need.”