According to a report by the Ukrainian News Agency, Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko has vetoed a bill designed to ensure the quality and safety of meat on sale in the country because he felt its provisions did not go far enough.

Yuschenko argued that the bill provided a loophole that could result in substandard meat making its way into grocery stores. The legislation would have allowed lesser quality meat to be put on sale after additional processing, cleansing or being designated for a different purpose. This, Yuschenko argued, does not guarantee that the meat will be fit for human consumption.

Yuschenko also vetoed the bill on the basis that it allowed financial intervention on the market as a means of government support for producers and this, he said, does not meet the legal requirements on state support of agriculture, which does not allow the government to regulate the price of meat and related products.

Yuschenko suggested that poor quality meat be used for animal feed or discarded.