Unilever has launched a range of Breyers ice cream the company says is low in fat and which contains 20g of protein per pint.

The Breyers Delight range contains four flavours – vanilla bean, creamy chocolate, cookies and cream and mint chip.

Unilever said the ice creams have between 260 and 330 calories per pint and are made using naturally sourced flavours.

Peter Harbour, marketing director of Breyers, said the launch in response to demand.

“We heard that calories and protein are top of mind, so we crafted Breyers Delights. We worked hard to deliver an ice cream that starts with high-quality ingredients, tastes great, and is 260-330 calories per pint,” he said.

Unilever has been busy this year introducing a raft of new ice creams across five of its brands sold in the US, including the first non-dairy option from Breyers, made with almond milk.

The dairy-free line comes in two flavours – vanilla peanut butter, which is made with non-GMO ingredients, and Oreo cookies and cream. Six of the brand’s existing most popular flavours have also been reformulated to be made from non-GMO ingredients.