Unilever has introduced a raft of new ice creams across five of its brands sold in the US, including the first non-dairy option from Breyers, made with almond milk.

The dairy-free line comes in two flavours – vanilla peanut butter, which is made with non-GMO ingredients and Oreo cookies and cream. Six of the brand’s existing most popular flavours have also been reformulated to be made from non-GMO ingredients.

Other newcomers to the Unilever stable include a Simply Popsicle line made with naturally flavoured and coloured ingredients, and more varieties from Good Humor, Klondike and Magnum ice cream.

“Throughout our research we know consumers’ taste and preferences evolve over time,” said Alfie Vivian, vice president of marketing for refreshments at Unilever. “It’s important to give our customers more of what they love and provide new offerings that satisfy different tastes, preferences and dietary needs.”

The new Simply Popsicle range is now free from high fructose corn syrup and now incorporates cane sugar and natural flavours and colours. There are four different flavours – strawberry, banana and mango; berry and pineapple; orange, cherry or grape; and strawberry and raspberry.

Popsicle Pops, meanwhile, have also been bolstered by some new additions to the range, including Star Wars Ice Pops; Despicable Me Minions Ice Pops; Popsicle Sours; and Popsicle Banana and Lemon-Lime.

These new additions are all available in grocery stores across the US.