German food company Odenwald Früchte has said it is looking for further opportunities to strengthen its business, following the acquisition of dairy brands Mark Brandenburg and Milchreiter from FrieslandCampina. 

“As a group of companies, we are steadily looking for possibilities to strengthen our business segments. In this respect, we will work actively if there are any reasonable possibilities to complement our activities,” a spokesperson for Odenwald Früchte told just-food today (4 September).

Odenwald Früchte said the brands it has acquired through its dairy subsidiary ODW Frischprodukte, were “born” at its production site in Elsterwerda. ODW Frischprodukte acquired the Elsterwerda facility from FrieslandCampina in 2010.

“That is why we had a big interest in getting the brand back home by means of the acquisition. Furthermore, the acquisition serves a better production capacity utilisation of the site – the site is currently in a phase of start-up/establishment process,” the spokesperson added.

With a turnover of around EUR25m (US$32.9m), Mark Brandenburg is a “very strong regional brand”, the spokesperson said. The brand is mainly focused in milk, butter, yoghurt, quark and cheese. “As a matter of course, we will go in for adequate adjustments of the assortment in the medium term,” she explained.

The handover of the operating business will gradually take place in the next months.

In December 2010, ODW Frischprodukte acquired the Elsterwerda yoghurt and dessert production facility plant from FrieslandCampina, as well as some of the group’s production equipment. The acquisition was a sole asset deal without taking over production volumes.