US convenience retailer 7-Eleven has announced plans to expand its business into Indonesia through a franchise agreement.

The agreement with PT Modern Putraindonesia of Jakarta, a retailer and manufacturer of photographic, electronic and telecommunications products, will see Indonesia become the twelfth Asian country where 7-Eleven licenses or offers master franchises for its stores.

PT. Modern Putraindonesia will look to open its first 7-Eleven-branded outlets in Jakarta later this year and expects to build new 7-Eleven stores as well as converting some of its existing locations.

Products like Slurpee frozen carbonated beverages, Big Gulp soft drinks and Café Select coffee as well as immediately consumable fresh foods, with recipes developed for Indonesian tastes will be part of the convenience offering.

“We look forward to working with PT Modern, a local, well-respected business, to expand our presence in Asia and to offer customers in Jakarta and other Indonesian cities 7-Eleven convenience, Indonesian-style, with exclusive products and services,” said Bob Jenkins, vice president, international for 7-Eleven. “7-Eleven stores fill a shopping need for consumers who want quality products but find themselves with less time and more demands in their daily lives.”

PT Modern’s initial plans are to focus on opening stores in Jakarta, targeting densely-populated commercial and office areas, before considering other major cities, such as Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya.

“The strength of our existing retail network with its strategic locations on major roads, in bustling business districts and developed office and commercial areas will play a major role in ensuring success of the new 7-Eleven stores,” said Henri Honoris, president director of PT Modern Putraindonesia.