Two franchisees of US retail chain 7-Eleven have filed a lawsuit against the convenience store chain for allegedly “failing to keep up with the competition”.

The two franchisees, Sam Younes and Tamer Atalla, filed the suit with the New Jersey District Court on 6 June. The document cites “breach of contract” as the cause of the lawsuit.

According to The Courier-Post, 7-Eleven “failed to change its stores, products and marketing despite the ever-changing market and the expectations of consumers.” The pair also allege that sales and profits at their stores have fallen “due to the competition and the lack of a response by 7-Eleven.”

Younes and Atalla are seeking compensation for lost profits, punitive damages and legal expenses, the Courier-Post reported.

7-Eleven did not return a request for comment at the time of going to press.