AllergyKids has announced that its products will soon be available in all 75 Wild Oats stores across the US.

The AllergyKids products that Wild Oats will initially sell include: AllergyKids’ Green Med Case, AllergyKids’ Black Lunch Sack, AllergyKids’ Green Snack Sack, AllergyKids’ Simple Pack, AllergyKids’ Starter Pack and AllergyKids’ Round Sticker Pack.

“As a specialty retailer, Wild Oats is committed to being a resource to our customers and offering the highest-quality products to our customers,” said Karen Schroeder, Wild Oats category manager. “We cater to people looking for the best foods and to people with special dietary needs like allergies.”

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Wild Oats, as it highlights the importance of a healthy diet for these children and puts AllergyKids’ universal symbol into the hands of the millions of Americans struggling with food allergies, bringing us closer to our goal of finding the cure,” said Robyn O’Brien, founder, AllergyKids.