A bill which ensures the continuation of President Barack Obama’s Feed the Future initiative – to help developing countries increase their food production and security and improve nutrition in vulnerable populations – has been approved by the House of Representatives.
An overwhelming majority – 369 to 53 – voted in approval of the Global Food Security Act of 2016, which affirms and defines reforms to US global food and agriculture assistance.
In addition, the bill establishes the role of the Emergency Food Security Program (EFSP), under which the US gives cash for critical food assistance abroad. In 2015 half of the US$2.1bn in annual emergency US food aid came from the EFSP.
“Seven years ago, just a few months into my presidency, I came together with counterparts from some of the world’s most powerful nations and committed to improving the lives of rural poor people around the globe through investments in more productive agriculture and better nutrition,” said President Obama. 

“Today, I’m proud to see that Congress has passed S. 1252, The Global Food Security Act of 2016, an overwhelmingly bipartisan piece of legislation that will put Feed the Future, our global hunger and food security initiative, into law. 
This initiative, which the President described as “game-changing” was the first of his administration, and has helped to increase economic growth and address global hunger, poverty and malnutrition, he claimed.
“While we’ve already accomplished so much through this collaborative global partnership, I know that with the continued effort and support that this legislation provides, we can achieve what was just a few years ago the unimaginable: We can end global poverty and hunger within our lifetimes.”