After 16-years, Bazooka bubble gum is returning to America’s televisions with new commercials in support of the gum’s re-launch.

The marketing campaign is aimed at children aged between six and twelve years, and will air on ABC Family, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, ESPN, Nick@Night and TEENick.

The commercials take inspiration from the “Bazooka-Zooka” camp song.

“We heard rumours of a Bazooka camp song,” said John Budd, vice president marketing for The Topps Company, makers of Bazooka. “Then one day an employee picked up his daughter at summer camp and witnessed kids spontaneously singing and dancing to it; from there the ad campaign was born. The song builds on the inherent bubble blowing and comic entertainment value of the brand.”

The ads are part of a US$1.22m marketing campaign re-launching Bazooka.