Ben & Jerry’s will expand its fairtrade certified range of ice creams, becoming the largest ice cream and frozen food manufacturer to offer fairtrade ingredients.

Ben & Jerry’s fairtrade certified line-up now includes: Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch and Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz.

“Since Ben and I started the business we’ve used ethical values to guide our business decisions, such as sourcing ingredients,” said Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield. “Expanding from our fairtrade certified coffee flavours to fairfrade vanilla and chocolate is another step forward in our values-led sourcing decisions.”

Ben & Jerry’s will buy fairtrade certified coffee from a cooperative in Mexico; fairtrade vanilla from producers in India, with producers in Indonesia and Uganda under consideration; and fairtrade cocoa from producers in the Dominican Republic.

“Fair Trade creates stronger economic conditions, which help farmers feed and clothe their families, send their kids to school, get better health care and in general improve the quality of their lives,” said Paul Rice, founding president & CEO of TransFair USA, US fairtrade certification organisation.
“With something as simple as choosing to purchase a fairtrade product, people are making a powerful decision to dramatically improve the quality of life for farmers half way around the world,” Rice said.