Bravo! Foods International has announced that Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) is expanding the distribution of Bravo! milk products to include grocery stores, drug stores and mass merchandisers.

The manufacturing and marketing company entered into a distribution agreement with CCE in August 2005 for its flavoured milk products in the US, Canada and other locations. This agreement specified that CCE distributed the company’s products to convenience stores, schools, colleges, vending machines, bodegas, delis and hospitals.

The addition of groceries, drug stores and mass merchandisers alligns with the expected increase in Bravo!’s manufacturing capacity from 2.5m units per month to 7.5m units per month by July at its co-packer, Jasper Products’ facility.

Bravo! CEO Roy Warren said: “We are pleased that CCE will increase the channels of distribution of Bravo!’s milk products to coincide with the increase in our manufacturing capacity.

“The addition of these new channels of distribution is significant for Bravo! as the grocery, drug and mass merchandisers are extensive distribution channels.”

CCE’s chief revenue officer Hal Kravitz said: “We are excited about bringing Bravo! milk products to these new distribution channels. Bravo! Slammers are key products that will further enable CCE to broaden our total beverage portfolio for our customers. We intend to expand distribution channels as Bravo! increases production capacity.”