Bravo! Foods International, the Florida-based manufacturer and marketer of vitamin-fortified flavoured milks, has signed a five-year deal with Aseptic Solutions USA, under which Aseptic Solutions will produce Bravo!’s range of shelf-stable, single-serve flavoured milk beverages in plastic bottles.

Aseptic Solutions is currently awaiting approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for its aseptic low-acid shelf-stable dairy products in HDPE plastic bottles, but expects to receive this by the end of the year. If it receives approval, Aseptic Solutions will be one of only three manufacturers in the US authorised to produce aseptic low acid shelf-stable dairy products in plastic bottles.

Under the terms of the agreement, Aseptic Solutions will, subject to FDA approval, begin production in December 2006, with an annual production of up to 100m bottles envisaged.

Roy Warren, Bravo!’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “This production agreement is a milestone event for the company as it substantially increases Bravo!’s contracted units capacity to close to 190m units annually. In addition, the geographic location of Aseptic Solution’s production facility on the west coast enhances our distribution capability as it complements our current production capacity in the mid-west.”