Bravo! Brands, a brand development and marketing company that distributes and promotes vitamin-fortified milks, has signed a licensing deal with Cooperative Regions of Organic Producer Pools to produce a new product line of organic milk under its brand name, Organic Valley. 

The initial agreement is an Evergreen deal with automatic renewals each year and a 12-month termination notice.

The two groups will jointly produce organic shelf-stable dairy based single serve drinks. The initial roll-out will be through the Coca-Cola Enterprises distribution channels to the education and vending machine market. Additionally, Organic Valley will use its existing distribution channels to market the product while sales to drug and convenience stores will be managed by Bravo!.

The licensed product will be a 1% low-fat milk. Additional flavours, such as a 1% chocolate, vanilla or berry milk are expected to be introduced at a later date.

The two companies have also agreed to work together to develop soy shelf stable milk beverages.

Roy Warren, Bravo! Foods International chief executive officer, said: “Our licensing agreement with Organic Valley represents a logical extension of our product line. Our intent is to have a full product line which would include various berry flavours as well as chocolate in addition to a soy-based product. We are very excited to have Organic Valley as a partner as the Organic Valley name is well recognised and highly regarded by consumers.”