Campbell Soup will reduce the sodium content of some of its most popular soups by at least 25% through the use of an all-natural low-sodium sea salt.

The world’s largest soup producer will be reformulating Campbell’s Kids soups and popular chicken noodle, tomato and cream of mushroom varieties with 25% less sodium, while Campbell’s Chunky range will be extended to include four new ‘Healthy Request’ varieties with up to 45% less sodium.

The company hopes that the lower-sodium salt will help increase soup sales, which have stabilised recently after losing ground to other convenience foods in the 1990s.

For a number of years Campbell has attempted to reduce the sodium content of processed foods without affecting flavour, reflecting consumer concerns about healthy eating. According to advice issued by the US Food and Drug Administration, adults should eat no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day – or just under a teaspoon.

A few years ago, the average serving of a Campbell’s soup contained almost half the daily limit. By using less salt, the company got its average down to 850 milligrams. Now, Campbell’s has successfully reduced the amount of sodium contained in Campbell’s Healthy Request soups to 480 milligrams.

“The initiatives we’ve announced today represent a breakthrough in our sodium reduction work and our commitment to offering consumers more choices without asking them to compromise on great taste,” said Douglas R. Conant, Campbell’s president and CEO. “Our portfolio already includes a number of nutritious options, whether people are watching calories, fat, or want more vegetables in their diet. Offering more soups at lower sodium levels enhances soup’s appeal to consumers and represents an important growth opportunity for Campbell.”

“We have revitalised our US soup business through our investment in new products such as ‘Campbell’s Soup at Hand’ and convenient new packaging, such as microwavable bowls; enhanced the quality of our condensed and ready-to-serve soups and increased the effectiveness of our marketing programmes. This sodium reduction initiative adds another important element to our comprehensive revitalisation work.” Conant said at the annual meeting of the Consumer Analysts Group of New York (CAGNY).