Vitiva, the Slovenian-based supplier of natural rosemary antioxidants, has announced the appointment of PL Thomas (PLT) as its strategic partner for the US and Canada.

PLT, a New Jersey-based ingredient supplier, will market Vitiva’s range of natural antioxidants based on rosemary extracts, including Inolens, a deodorised, oil-soluble rosemary extract, and Aquarox, a water-soluble rosemary extract containing rosmarinic acid as its primary active ingredient.

“After interviewing numerous market participants, we decided that PL Thomas is the best choice to help us successfully gain entry into the US market,” said Vitiva’s CEO Ohad Cohen. “PLT has a strong commitment to serving its customers well through effective sourcing, marketing, and support. They have built an excellent reputation spanning many decades and are active in the nutraceutical, food, and beverage industries.”

Cohen said Vitiva’s goal was to penetrate the fast-growing dietary supplement market in the US, as well as develop the food market for rosemary extracts with emphasis on its powerful antioxidant benefits.