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Cargill Texturizing Solutions has developed a solution for the Halal meat products market, called Adrogel GR.

It is a blend that enables manufacturers to obtain a restructured vegetable fat suitable to replace the pork fat used in many meat products, the company said.

The product meets Halal requirements, whilst benefiting from the functional qualities associated with pork fat, Cargill said.

It is prepared with cold water and vegetable oil to produce a restructured vegetable fat, and has a white colour and consistency close to that of back pork fat.

Frederic Ballber, meat application lead for Europe-Middle-East-Africa for Cargill Texturizing Solutions, said: “Meeting the challenge of providing a pork fat substitute was an interesting technical challenge, and we are extremely pleased with the result. Adrogel GR is a healthy option, which is suitable for muslim consumers – a very significant market for food manufacturers.

“The fact that Adrogel GR helps cut production costs is another huge benefit, and I’m sure it will have many uses in meat products.”