The World Trade Organization has ruled Chinese duties on US poultry products were unfair.

The WTO said on Friday (2 August) China had not met international trade rules by imposing higher duties on chicken broiler products.

The US filed a case at the WTO in 2011, claiming the tariffs were unjustified and were against trade regulations.

Beijing had claimed US poultry product producers were unfairly subsidised and dumped cut-priced products on the Chinese market. As a result, the Chinese government imposed these duties to protect its own poultry meat sector.

However, the WTO found a number of Beijing’s actions were “inconsistent” with WTO rules, including levying duties that exceeded the amount of subsidisation.

“A WTO dispute settlement panel agreed with the United States, finding that China violated numerous WTO obligations in conducting its investigations and imposing anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties on chicken imports from the United States,” a statement from the US Department of Agriculture said.