Lamb Weston, the potato products division of ConAgra Foods Inc, has confirmed plans to launch a trans-fatty acid-free French fry under the name My Fries in the course of this year.

Lamb Weston already markets trans fat-free Generation 7 fries which are cooked in cholesterol-free and non-hydrogenated canola oil. My Fries will have up to 25% less fat “with no compromise on taste or texture”, Lamb Weston said.

According to a report by Dow Jones, the company hinted it would be more likely to launch the new brand on a college campus than through a national restaurant chain. “We believe these types of institutional customers might be early adopters,” Lamb Weston spokesman Chris Kircher was quoted by the newswire saying, “as they look for (foods) that taste great but have less fat.”

A number of other food and restaurant groups are thought to be carrying out research into this type of product.