Consumer interest in buying “green” products and healthy organic food remains high despite the tough economy and rising food and energy prices, a survey out today (30 April) has revealed.

The market research survey by Mambo Sprouts Marketing shows that consumers are placing a priority on buying green and two-in-three or more are using coupons, stocking up on sales and cooking meals at home to stretch their grocery dollars.

Even with the faltering economy and rising food and energy prices, about nine-in-ten (88%) consumers reported buying the same (52%) or more (36%) green environmentally friendly products compared to six months ago.

About seven-in-ten consumers are still willing to spend up to 20% more for “green” sustainable products.

According to Mambo Sprouts: “Consumer commitment to green and organic products reflects the increased media attention and awareness of the health and environmental benefits of buying organic, locally-produced, sustainable food.”

Results showed fuel prices are driving dual aspects of consumer behaviour with more consumers shopping closer to home and combining trips to reduce gas expense as well as buying more local and seasonal produce for lower prices and to reduce food miles and their carbon footprint.

The survey was carried out using over 1,000 consumers.