Gourmet popcorn producer Dale and Thomas Popcorn has announced that it has created a non-profit organisation to be known as the Share Some Foundation. ‘Share Some’ has been the company’s motto for the past four years.

The New Jersey-based company said that the foundation’s mission was to “to recognise and promote the concept of sharing by encouraging people to share as much of themselves as possible”.

Visitors to the Share Some website will be encouraged to nominate an individual who exemplifies sharing by giving their time and/or resources to a charitable organisation. Every month, the Foundation’s review committee will select the best sharer and that person will be honoured by having US$10,000 donated in their name to the charitable organisation that they share with.

“We are proud to launch the Share Some Foundation,” said Warren Struhl, co-founder and CEO of Dale and Thomas Popcorn. “We at Dale and Thomas are committed to sharing and we hope that by us sharing $10,000 each month we will demonstrate our commitment. We look forward to making a significant impact on deserving charitable groups while also encouraging others to share more of themselves.”