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Decas Botanical Synergies, a Massachusetts-based company, has claimed that it is redefining the dried fruit category with the launch of its Fruitaceuticals range of “supercharged” superfruits.

“Consumers demand healthy food that gives them the super-charged nutrients they need without having to sacrifice taste. Plus they want options that fit easily into their on-the-go way of life,” said Dan Souza, director of sales and marketing at Decas Botanical Synergies. “Fruitaceuticals delivers the solution.”
Its initial offering includes two cranberry-based all-natural dried fruit products, PomaCrans and OmegaCrans. The Fruitaceuticals are “supercharged” with nutrition-enhancing all-natural ingredients, the company claims, adding that a quarter-cup serving of OmegaCrans delivers the antioxidant power of one glass of cranberry juice cocktail, with 30% fewer calories, about half the sugar and over 500mg of healthy Omegas.

“Our first two Fruitaceuticals products leverage the natural health benefits of cranberries while providing a pomegranate-antioxidant or Omega 3-6-9 supercharge,” said Souza.

The new products are available in 4oz re-sealable bags, retailing for US$4.99 each.

Souza added that work on expanding the Fruitaceuticals range is already underway.