Nut producer Diamond Foods has added to its EMERALD brand range with the launch of Emerald Marcona Almonds.

Marcona almonds originated in Spain and are heart-shaped with “an incomparably sweet, delicate taste”, according to Diamond Foods. The limited release product will be shipped this month to selected retailers nationwide and will appear on store shelves in August.

The new product will be packaged in Emerald’s signature hourglass-shaped canisters with distinct black and gold graphics. An 11.5-oz. canister will have a suggested retail selling price of US$6.99.

“Marcona almonds are culinary delicacies that are becoming increasingly popular with chefs and gourmet snackers in the United States,” said Andrew Burke, senior vice president of marketing at Diamond Foods. “Because the worldwide supply of Marcona almonds is very limited, we are excited to be able to offer them during the summer to discerning retailers and consumers under our Emerald label to further demonstrate that Emerald is the nation’s premium line of unique snack products.”