New York-based meat processing and distribution company Diamond Ranch Foods has revealed that it has commenced a private-label branding initiative.

The company said that it will initially launch corned beef and pastrami under the Diamond Ranch Foods label, with more products to follow. “The company plans on rolling out many additional products throughout the year as it continues its private-label branding programme,” Diamond Ranch president Louis Vucci Jr confirmed.

“We are making every effort to focus on developing our own brand’s awareness and loyalty. When consumers hear the name Diamond Ranch Foods, we aim to be the recognised and obvious choice over any competitor because of the high quality standards we use in the production and manufacturing of our products. As our brand name grows, it provides an excellent avenue of future growth into the retail consumer arena,” Vucci continued.

Diamond Ranch Foods is currently generating record profits. The company hopes to build on this by expanding its product portfolio and introducing products that boast higher profit margins and command premium brand prices. The company also intends to increase its distribution network.