Dr Praeger’s Sensible Foods’ new line of veggie burgers has lost its American Heart Association (AHA) certification for heart healthy food because of increased fat content.

The kosher and all-natural frozen foods company has removed all AHA certified products from the US market, having temporarily stopped distribution to modify the ingredients and production processes.

Company president Dr Peter Praeger, a cardiac surgeon himself, said: “In connection with efforts to upgrade the company’s manufacturing capabilities and enhance the all-natural ingredients in our products, it was discovered that the fat content rose in our veggie burgers, which required us to remove the American Heart Association’s (AHA) certification for heart healthy food.”
Until Dr Praeger’s receives recertification from the AHA’s oversight board for its newly formulated veggie burger, the product will be shipped in packages without the AHA certification statement.

“While we await the results of the AHA’s independent test of our new veggie burgers, we have used an independent testing firm, which concluded that our new veggie burger processing resulted in a burger that meets FDA and AHA standards for fat content, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium levels,” added Dr Praeger.