US dairy-free products supplier Tofutti Brands has reported a half-year loss after a fall in the sales of frozen lines hit the business in the second quarter.

Chairman and CEO David Mintz said a “weakness” in sales of frozen food led to “disappointing” results for Tofutti in the second quarter.

Tofutti booked a loss of US$84,000 for the 26 weeks to 28 June. That was down on the US$88,000 it filed in the first half of 2013 but gross profits fell over US$700,000 on the back of lower sales, dragged down by a drop in second-quarter revenue.

The company’s net sales declined 4.5% in the first half to US$7.4m. Tofutti saw net sales in the second quarter slump 17.9% to US$3.5m.

Tofutti said an increase in its promotional spending also affected its gross profits in the quarter.