Rembrandt Foods, the US egg producer, is taking steps make cage-free products its “standard”.

The move is in line with an increasing number of manufacturers and foodservice operators looking to use cage-free eggs, amid growing consumer demand for improved welfare in egg production.

Dave Rettig, president of Rembrandt Foods, said cage-free has to be “new model” for the future of “premium” egg production. 

“Over the last five years, Rembrandt has invested almost exclusively in cage-free egg production houses. With the unprecedented number of top food companies announcing timelines to switch exclusively to cage-free eggs, we are uniquely positioned for the future in cage-free eggs and egg products,” he claimed. 

Rembrandt hopes its public commitment will help it grow business with leading “restaurant chains, food manufactures, grocery stores, and foodservice providers to help them achieve their desired cage-free egg commitments”.

Jonathan Spurway, the company’s vice president of marketing, added: “We welcome the growing movement of major food companies switching exclusively to cage-free eggs. With a reasonable timeline, we can meet any demand, and we’re eager to move our clients into the cage-free future.”

Officials at Rembrandt had not responded to a request for further comment on its plans at the time of publication.