A report from Research and Markets suggests that the growth in private label sales of food, drinks and personal care goods in the US and Europe is continuing, with the strongest growth in the US observed in the food sector.

According to the report, entitled How to Resist the Private Label Threat in 2006, annual growth in own label goods between 2000 and 2005 was 5.3% in the US and 7.4% in Europe, with the own label share of the market increasing in almost every category.

To defend their market share, the report says, branded manufacturers need both to stress their own advantages and learn from the supermarkets own innovations.

Consumer spending on own label food, drink and personal care goods in the US reached US$108bn in 2005, but the strongest growth was observed in the food sector, where own label sales reached US$85bn.

The report, which includes market statistics and forecasts to 2010 as well as consumer survey data, suggested that manufacturers also need to widen their range of brands to compete with own label.