The US Food and Drug Administration is teaming up with US TV channel Cartoon Network to expand on its 2007 public education campaign Spot the Block.

The online and on-air promotion, to launch 7 April, is designed to target families and kids aged between nine and 13 to encourage them to make more use of the nutrition labelling on food packages.

The Spot the Block campaign will include a rap song, a customised online game, downloadables and videos. It will also be featured in Cartoon Network’s “Get Animated” interactive US tour.

“Naturally, we want the program to be entertaining as well as informative, so we’re delighted that Cartoon Network has created new videos, a new game and a new colourful format for the website that will engage kids as they learn about such issues as calorie count, serving sizes and portion control,” said Janice Hamilton, president of JMH Education, the programme creator.

During its 2007 introductory year, Spot the Block stressed the importance to kids of regularly finding and reading the nutrition labels on packaged food and drinks, and taking note of listed serving sizes, as food packaging often contains multiple servings.

The 2008 message will include “Size Up the Calorie Count,” and “See What’s In It for You,” designed to help kids get the most nutrition from the calories they eat, which will help with healthy weight management.