Packaged bakery foods company Flowers Foods has announced that its subsidiary in New Orleans, which has been closed since late August following Hurricane Katrina, started operating again late last week.

The bakery is producing white bread under the Bunny brand for the New Orleans area and the Gulf Coast.

“We are pleased to report that Bunny bread is again being baked in New Orleans, where it has been made for four decades,” said George E. Deese, Flowers Foods’ president and chief executive officer. “Immediately after the hurricane and through last week, other Flowers bakeries worked to replace the production capacity lost when we could not operate the New Orleans plant. With that help, we were able to keep Bunny bread and other products on the market. Now that the New Orleans bakery is back in operation, we will return to more normal operations in Louisiana and the surrounding markets. We have been in contact with nearly all of the New Orleans bakery employees to keep them informed of what has been happening and we are pleased that many of them were able to return to work.”

Flowers Baking Company of New Orleans, located at 5646 Lewis Road, sustained damage during Hurricane Katrina. The company worked with local and state officials to ensure the clean-up and restoration of the bakery was appropriately done. The bakery, a subsidiary of Flowers Foods, has been baking Bunny bread, a New Orleans’ favorite, since 1966.