French food and drinks group Danone has signed a deal with Integrated Genomics, a provider of bioinformatics products and services for the life science industry, for a three-year license for Integrated Genomics’ ERGO database and genomic discovery system, to be used at Danone’s Daniel Carasso Centre research facility.

Scientists at the Carasso Centre, located in France, will use the ERGO system to assist in its analysis of genomic and microarray data from lactic acid bacteria.

The Daniel Carasso Centre has a unique collection of 3,000 lactic ferments built up since 1919. Its research teams specialise in microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, fermentation biotechnology, immunology, human nutrition, consumer sciences and food design.

Danone is the leading modern brand for yogurts produced on an industrial scale.

“As Danone is working on probiotics products, ERGO is a great database to help us to find probiotic functions in our strains,” said Dr Sophie Legrain-Raspaud, team leader in the probiotic gene identification group at the Carasso Centre.