Fresh & Easy has expanded its selection of own-brand foods to cater for increasing demand.

Following what the company described as “a great customer response and encouraging sales”, the US retailer has added 250 new products to its own brand range.

The new products include freshly prepared ready meals, new juices and brewed teas, soy and goat yogurt, and a range of ready-to-grill meats.

Tesco‘s US arm said that it has sought a balance between old and new in order to excite US consumers.

“We developed Fresh & Easy by listening to what consumers wanted in a grocery market,” said Tim Mason, Fresh & Easy CEO.

“We are delighted customers have responded so well to our own-brand foods. We know our popular ready meals — such as our mango chicken and beef lasagna — give families a great value alternative to take-out, and now there will be plenty more for customers to choose from.”