PepsiCo crisps division Frito-Lay has launched a changed Lay’s Sensations and Tostitos Sensations line in the US – adding two new flavours.

The potato chips launch sees lime & cracked black pepper and sweet chili & sour cream flavours added to the existing range of chilli & lime with crushed red pepper, and southwestern ranch with black peppercorn flavours.

They will be priced at US$2.49 for a 6 oz bag of Lay’s, or a 7 oz bag of Tostitos.

Vice president of brand marketing and advertising at Frito-Lay North America, Lora DeVuono, said: “Today’s consumers crave special and distinct flavours giving us the opportunity to marry new, gourmet seasoning combinations and our most popular snacks, Lay’s Sensations and Tostitos Sensations chips have a unique mouth-watering taste and texture people look for in a great snack.”