The majority of Americans have admitted to a fruit and vegetable diet deficit, reveals a survey in the country called the State of the Nations Plate.

Del Monte Foods, who conducted the survey, said most Americans admit they are not getting the daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables and ‘don’t have a clue when it comes to understanding the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans’.

The survey found that only 10% of Americans are eating the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, with 41% of the population aware of the new Dietary Guidelines.

Results were taken from ten US cities, which were graded A-D, with Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and Seattle all given A’s for fruit and vegetable consumption. The Los Angeles population was found to eat the most fruits and vegetables, with 4.13 servings a day, followed closely by San Francisco Bay Area, with 4.12 servings.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh, Charlotte and Dallas/Fort Worth were all graded D in the survey.

Del Monte Brands managing director Apu Mody said: “Many Americans want to get serious about eating right – but for some, they don’t know where to turn.”