General Mills is rolling out a product it hopes will make it more “convenient” for consumers in a number of markets to eat Mexican food at home.

The US food giant is launching “flat-bottomed” soft tortillas – already on sale in its domestic market – in the UK, France, Norway and Australia under its Old El Paso brand.

The company said the tortillas had seen success in the US. Reflecting on the imminent introduction of the products in the UK, General Mills said it was meeting consumer demand for “hand-held style street food”.

“This new launch taps into many trends and will satisfy consumer demand for more convenient Mexican food,” Mark Brown, marketing manager for Old El Paso in the UK, said.

Hinting that some consumers can make a mess while eating Mexican food, General Mills said the Stand ‘n’ Stuff Soft Tortillas “hold filling from first bite to last”.

In the UK, the range comprises two “taco kits” – a Smoky BBQ variant and an Extra Mild Super Tasty line. Each kit, which has an RRP of GBP3.79, includes eight soft flour tortillas, a seasoning Mix and taco salsa. General Mills is offering a stand-alone pack of eight tortilla shells, which have an RSP of GBP1.89.