US retailer Giant Food has partnered with General Mills to promote the use of reusable bags for ‘Earth Day’.

To 23 April, Giant said it wants to encourage its customers to “think green” by offering redeemable coupons for five free reusable bags for every US$15 spent.

“Through grass roots efforts such as this, we are able to reward reusability and to demonstrate the positive impact that reusing bags can have on the environment,” said Giant Food executive vice president and general manager Robin Michel. “Helping the environment is a simple act of personal commitment, and by partnering with General Mills and our customers we can make a substantive difference.”

Giant has also put into place a campaign to encourage customers to switch to reusable bags through economic incentives.

Meanwhile, the Ahold-owned US retailer will feature large in-store displays of energy efficient Sylvania compact fluorescent bulbs to remind customers that “energy conservation can be easy and cost effective”.

Other programmes include collecting and recycling plastic bags; recycling store-generated shrink/pallet wrap and cardboard; and instituting recycling programmes in store break rooms and support offices.