Snack maker Golden Enterprises’ board of directors has declared a quarterly dividend of US$0.03125 per share payable by 25 January to stockholders of record on 16 January.
For the 13 weeks leading up to 2 December 2005, basic and diluted loss per share was US$0.02 compared to a zero loss last year on net sales of US$25,430,115 compared to US$24,851,760, representing a sales increase of 2%, or US$0.06m.

Gross margins for the same period were US$11,628,574 compared to US$11,573,086 the previous year, representing a gross margins increase of US$0.05m. The continued increase in margins is due to increased sales and improved manufacturing efficiency to offset the impact of rising fuel cost and other commodities, according to Golden Enterprises.

The company said selling, general and administrative costs increased 4%, or US$0.47m, during the same period as a result of increased distribution costs and additional cost of complying with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

For the 26 weeks ending on 2 December 2005, basic and diluted loss per share was US$0.03 compared to US$0.02 last year, on net sales of US$51,461,951 compared to US$49,618,186 last year, representing a 4% increase.