Switzerland’s Hero Group and US Hispanic-owned food company Goya have teamed up to develop a new range of Hispacic baby foods under the Beech-Nut/Goya brands.

Announcing the launch, Jeff Boutelle, president of Hero’s US subsidiary Beech-Nut Nutrition, said the company’s research suggested “Hispanic moms” have been “waiting” for a product that combines “authentic, traditional Latin flavours” with “nutritious, natural ingredients free of preservatives”.

“Our products are as close as possible to home-made, and that’s very important to Hispanic families,” he suggested.

The launch comprises of a full range of infant foods – from wheat, corn, oatmeal/bananas and rice/mango cereals, to “stage one” beef and chicken with broth, and “stage two” and “stage two and a half” jarred baby foods.

The move comes as US food manufacturers increasingly look to appeal to the Hispanic market, where demand is being driven by demographic growth drivers. With one-quarter of all US birth’s coming from the Hispanic population, Boutelle said “any company hoping to grow their business must take their needs and tastes into account”.