The Hershey Company has this month introduced a new line of all-natural chocolates and drinking cocoa called Cacao Reserve in the US.

The Cacao Reserve line is available in single-serve and take-home bars, including Premium Milk, Premium Milk with Hazelnuts, Extra Dark and Extra Dark with Nibs varieties, together with truffles and drinking cocoa.

The confectionery company’s drinking cocoa will be available in two blends, Classic Mayan and Mildly Spiced Aztec.

The premium drinking cocoa product line includes a 5-count take-home box priced from approximately $1.98 to $2.49, while confectionery items will range in price from approximately US$0.99-$2.89 for instantly consumable items and $1.99-$3.29 for 3.5 oz. take-home bars.

Hershey Company senior vice president and president of US Commercial Group Chris Baldwin said: “Consumers today are searching for new, premium experiences. Cacao Reserve by Hershey’s meets this rapidly growing demand by offering consumers an indulgent chocolate made with carefully chosen, slowly roasted cacao beans, blended with the finest all-natural ingredients.”

Its line will expand in December to include four premium chocolate bars made with cacao beans from origins including Java, Arriba, Santo Domingo and Sao Tome.